Dividend payment for 2019 year

Dividend payment for 2018 year

Distributions to shareholders out of a retained earnings reserve (dividend)

Final dividend for 2016 year

An advance dividend payment for 2016 year

Dividend payment for 2015 year

Dividend payment for 2014 year

Dividend payment for 2014 year

Dividend Policy

Dividend policy was updated by the Board of Managing Directors and was published in the Current Report No. 18/2018 on 11 of July 2018

According to the new policy, in upcoming years the Management Board intends to recommend a dividend payment of 50% of the consolidated net profit attributable to shareholders but not less than PLN 9,840,649 in total (representing PLN 0,06 per share at the current number of issued shares).

The final recommendations regarding the payment of dividends will be made by the Management Board after the examination of the current and expected balance sheet of the Company, expected operating, financial and cash-flow position of the Company and taking into consideration:

  1. the close observance of all balance-sheet linked debt covenants;
  2. ability future repayment of debts;
  3. financial needs of the Company aiming to be ranked amongst leading residential developers in Poland;
  4. changing market environment.