Amos Luzon


Supervisory Board Chairman

Mr. Amos Luzon has been a member of Ronson Supevisory Board since April 2016 and since April 2017 he has served as the Supervisory Board Chairman. At the same time – since the beginning of 2017 – Mr. Luzon has been the Supervisory Board Chairman of Amos Luzon Development and Energy Group Ltd. (previous name: “U.Dori Group”) after becoming the controlling shareholder of Dori Group on January 14, 2016 and the Dori Group Managing Director (following the purchase of Dori Group shares from Gazit-Globe Israel (Development) Ltd.). (“Gazit-Globe”). Since 1995 Mr. Luzon has been the owner and CEO of A. Luzon Properties and Investments Ltd. private company which he controls by holding 99% of shares. The company operates in the real estate market.