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2021-07-08RONSON Development continues positive momentum in terms of sales and deliveries in Q2 2021
2021-05-13Strong Q1 2021 for RONSON Development in terms of sales volume, further development of offer
2021-04-16RONSON Development raises PLN 100 million from an issue
2021-04-12RONSON Development with substantial sales volume growth in Q1 2021
2021-03-12RONSON FY2020 financial results
2021-01-12RONSON Development with record high sales volume in 2020
2020-11-10RONSON Development with significant increase of financial results and sales volume in Q1-Q32020
2020-10-27Ronson Development expands its land bank in Warsaw
2020-10-08Ronson Development with remarkable sales volume in Q3 2020
2020-10-02Ronson Development raises PLN 100 million from an issue of bonds
2020-08-12Ronson Development with triple-digit net profit increase and double-digit revenue increase in H12020
2020-07-08Ronson Development with 23 percent higher sales of apartments
2020-05-14Ronson Development: over PLN 29 million in net profit in Q1 2020
2020-04-09Nova Królikarnia fully in the portfolio of Ronson Development
2020-04-07Record-breaking quarter at Ronson Development
2020-04-01Ronson Development expands its land bank in Poznań
2020-03-11Ronson Development successfully wraps up 2019 and expects highly robust performance in H1 2020
2020-01-17Yaron Shama joins Management Board of Ronson Development
2020-01-09Strong year-end at Ronson Development
2019-11-07Ronson Development generated over PLN 13 million in net profit during the first three quarters of 2019
2019-10-28Boaz Haim will replace Nir Netzer as CEO of Ronson Development
2019-10-08Ronson Development upholds its plan to sell ca. 800 apartments this year
2019-08-13Ronson Development generated over PLN 12 million in net profit in H1 2019
2019-07-05Sales of residential units at Ronson Development remain stable
2019-06-11Shareholders of Ronson Development approve dividend payout of PLN 0.06 per share
2019-05-14Ronson Development proposes to pay out a PLN 0.06 dividend per share from its 2018 profit and posts its financial results for Q1 2019
2019-03-14Ronson Development presents its 2018 financial results
2019-01-24Ronson Development receives shareholders’ approval for the execution of the buyback program
2018-11-07Ronson Development reports rapid growth in its financial results for the first three quarters of 2018
2018-10-05Ronson Development: sales performance and deliveries in line with the plan
2018-09-14Shareholders of Ronson Development have approved a dividend payout and the relocation of the company’s registered office to Poland
2018-08-08Ronson Development markedly improves its financial results
2018-07-05Strong second quarter for Ronson Development
2018-07-03Ronson Development a step closer to moving its registered office to Poland
2018-05-09Ronson Development presents financial results for Q1 2018
2018-04-06Ronson delivers more than 300 units to customers in the first quarter of the year
2018-03-29Nova Królikarnia to return to Ronson Development’s portfolio
2018-03-08Ronson presents financial results for 2017
2018-01-08Ronson delivers record number of units
2017-11-20Nir Netzer becomes new CEO of Ronson Europe
2017-11-07Ronson Europe has published its results for the third quarter 2017.
2017-10-10Proposed changes in Ronson Europe’s management board
2017-10-04Flats’ sale and hand-over in Q3 2017
2017-09-07Planned changes in Ronson Europe’s management board
2017-07-06Flats’ sale and hand-over as planned
2017-06-30Ronson Europe shareholders have approved the final dividend payment for 2016 and changes to the Company's Management Board
2017-06-08Ronson has won the Golden Website of Issuer contest in the category of foreign companies listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange
2017-05-19Ronson is going to pay the final dividend of PLN 0.10 per share
2017-05-09The definitely positive first quarter of Ronson Development
2017-04-28Changes in the Management at Ronson Europe
2017-04-05The successful first quarter of Ronson Development
2017-04-05The successful first quarter of Ronson Development
2017-03-02Ronson is going to pay an advance dividend of PLN 0.09 per share
2017-02-16Record high profits of Ronson Development in 2016
2017-01-19Ronson is going to pay an advance dividend of PLN 0.09 per share
2017-01-05Record-breaking quarter in the history of Ronson Development
2016-12-23Ronson has sold its Nova Królikarnia project for over PLN 175 million
2016-12-22Ronson Europe shareholders have unanimously agreed to a deal with Global City Holdings
2016-11-15Ronson Europe has published its results for the third quarter 2016.
2016-11-10Planned ownership changes at Ronson Europe
2016-11-09Over 10 milion net profit in Q3 2016
2016-10-05183 units sold and 239 units delivered to customers in the third quarter 2016.
2016-08-04Ronson Europe improves its financial results.
2016-07-05Ronson maintains its annual plan for the sale of flats.
2016-05-06Ronson Europe has published its results for the first quarter 2016.
2016-04-06Ronson maintains its high sales rate after the first quarter of 2016.
2016-03-03Very good financial results for 2015 and even better prospects for 2016.